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Church Partnership

80% of pastors polled every year say they do not have a close friend or confidant to talk with or share their life with.

You get it! You know what it’s like to have (or the lack of) someone in your corner. An ally. A friend. A “go to” person. Whether it’s a listening ear or someone to process life with and problem solve, or to be the person that shows up in the middle of a crisis for support. It can be the difference in the survival or scattering of a leader’s life. The good news… You can help provide this for a pastor/leader!

Join other churches and ministries who have made LM a part of their monthly giving.

Your financial partnership allows us to be “that person” for a pastor/leader when they need it most. A support. A friend. A confidant.

“There was just so much happening. Thank you for being here for us!” –A real life pastor.

Thank you for making us available for those kind of moments with your partnership!

You can mail your monthly partnership to:
Larson Ministries
7051 Hwy 70 S
PMB 275
Nashville, TN 37221

Or give online HERE.

If you would like to personally partner with us, Click HERE!