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Heart For Uganda

Posted by: Ashley

Hello Friends!

Exciting News: Bryan and I have been given the amazing opportunity of traveling to Uganda this June! We were invited by our ministry friends at 147 Million Orphans, and we are honored to come along side of them to serve these amazing children at Family Spirit Orphanage in Uganda this summer. We will be updating you as we prepare and travel to extend the love of Jesus to these beautiful children. 

Here is a little more information on the mission of our trip: 

147 Million Orphans is blessed to be able to partner with Family Spirit Children’s Centre in Masindi, Uganda.  Family Spirit is an orphanage and school for vulnerable children in Masindi.  There are about 225 children who attend school daily at Family Spirit ranging in age from 5-15.  157 of these children live at the orphanage there.  We will do projects on site at Family Spirit as well as a daily VBS for the children.  We will also, for the first time ever, do a community wide project in Masindi to begin to serve the area around Family Spirit.  Family Spirit is home to approximately 57 HIV positive children.  Because of the love poured out at Family Spirit, these children are able to live and go to school without the stigma of their disease.  During our time there we will stay at the Masindi Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Uganda.

As listed above, the need is great but we know that touching one life makes a difference and a huge impact. We are thankful for your prayers and support as we prepare for this amazing trip. If you would like to give towards this mission please Click Here 

Much love, 


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